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You may have just found your home! Located just 15 minutes from Lake Michigan in La Porte county, Westville is a small town just beginning to expand. Our town has an ideal location, with Michigan City to the north, La Porte to the east, and Valparaiso to west, which makes for a wonderful place to live. You are close to bigger cities but far enough to enjoy a rural lifestyle.

Purdue Northwest is just 5 minutes from downtown with easy access to the 80-90 toll road. Hop on the toll road and travel west for 45 minutes to downtown Chicago, perfect for an evening of enjoying the Chicago nightlife. Or travel just 15 minutes to Lake Michigan. Enjoy the wonderful dunes or hangout at the casino. Notre Dame fan? South Bend is approximately 40 minutes to the East on the 80-90 toll road. What more could you ask for in a town!

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353 West Main Street

Westville, Indiana 46391



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Westville Police Department will be temporarily located at the Westville Town Hall while the PD is under construction. Thank you.

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Let Your Voice Count

For the last three months, the Town of Westville has been working with the Department of Urban Planning at Ball State University to update the town's comprehensive plan. They have collected data through surveys, census data, field studies and focus group discussions and identified the major issues that need to be addressed to help move the town forward.

These ideas and planning proposals will be presented at a Town Hall Meeting on April 25, in the United Methodist Church at 154 W Main Street at 5:30pm.

Please plan to join us to comment and provide feedback on the plan before it is finalized.