353 West Main Street

Westville, Indiana 46391


Westville - Water Department

Westville - Water Department

908 Stanley Drive

Westville, Indiana  46391

(219) 785-1880

eMail: Water Department

Dan Anderson

Utility Superintendent

Adam Genis

Water Operator

The Westville Water Plant was opened on January 1, 2001. The plant is supplied by 2 wells, each rated at 715 gpm. Vertical pumps move the water from the wells through the main building where chlorine is injected. The water continues to the aeration tank where iron and odors are removed. The water accumulates in a retention tank. High service pumps pull water from the tank and pump it through a sand filter where chlorine and fluoride are injected. The treated water then enters the service main.

As of 1-12-2016, there will no longer be any adjustments made to Water Bills.

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