Westville - Police Department Ordinances

Westville - Police Department

106 Ridge Street

PO Box 221

Westville, Indiana  46391

Office: (219) 785-4177

Dispatch: (219) 362-6205

Fax: (219) 785-2267

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The Westville Police Department patrols an area of approximately three square miles. The department is dispatched by the La Porte County Sheriff Department through their 911 Countywide Emergency Communications System. For non-emergency calls, for service, neighborhood complaints or wishing to speak with an Officer, one should call 219-785-4177 or 219-326-7700.

94-1 Ord. to regulate open burning

94-7 Ord. of the town council of WV establishing a curfew for minors and parental or custodial responsibility

96-2 Ord. amending ord# 87-2 and 81-1 providing for the licensing and control of dogs and cats in town

2000-9 Ord. amending ord # 94-7, establishing a curfew for minors etc.._

2002-4 Ord. establishing the obligation of all property owners to cut grass and remove weeds, etc_

2007-1 Ord. of the town prohibiting nuisances

2007-2 Ord. regulating transient merchants

2015-1 Ord. establishing certain parking regulations within the geopgraphical boundaries of the town

2011-2 Ord. amending ord No. 2004-2, Animal control

2012-4 Ord. prohibiting the placement or disposal of grass clippings

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2016-2 Resolution. Town Council of the Town of Westville, La Porte County, Indiana. Opposing the current Proposed Route for Great Lakes Basin Railroad and Proposing an alternative route.

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P.O. Box 275

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353 West Main Street

Westville, Indiana 46391

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