Westville - Building Department

The Building Department's current ordinances were established in 2002. The Department is responsible for the review, permitting, licensing and inspection of all construction projects within the Town of Westville and consists of Building Inspections, Electrical Inspections, Signs and Zoning inspections, Mechanical/Gas Inspections and Plumbing inspection

Building Department - Application & Forms

Application for Contractor's License

Accessory Structure Application

Application for miscellaneous building permits

Building Code and Building Regulations

Improvement Location Permit Application & Sub-Contractor Information (Residential)

Occupancy Permit Application

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Located at Water Department

353 West Main Street

Westville, Indiana 46391


Building Department

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353 West Main Street

Westville, Indiana 46391

Phone: (219) 785-2123

Fax:      (219) 785-2607

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 275

Westville, Indiana 46391

Improvement Location Permit Application (Commerical / Industrial)

Subdivision Control Ordinance for the Town of Westville, Indiana

Town Standards

Town of Westville La Porte County, Indiana