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Welcome to the Westville Events

In 1868, settlers of Westville began holding church meetings, which eventually became the present Westville United Methodist Church on Main Street in Westville, Indiana. The Westville congregation is very proud and eager to celebrate our 150 Year Anniversary throughout the 2018 Year, It is our hope that the whole town will join with us in honoring this exciting and historical mileStone. The following events are being planned, and as our Town Council, we ask for your support of the following commemorative events:

Up-and-coming events

The Westville United Methodist Church 150 Years Celebration

150 YEAR CELEBRATION August 18 &19-

On Saturday 8/18/18, the church will host a carnival type celebration, including an all day no charge barbecue, live music, games, face painting, and history on the church lawn and side yard of the Westville Public Library.

On 8/19/18 at 10:15,

A special worship service commemorating 150 Years will be held at the church.